Provide ongoing education resources for children, students, athletes, educators and caregivers in the areas of healthy lifestyles, eating and exercise, drug and alcohol abstinence, hydrating, and illnesses related to obesity (cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid, and more).
In the near future, our desire is to utilize the data obtained from the screenings to expand our programs regarding disease prevention, obesity, nutrition and exercise. This movement would have the potential to make a positive social impact with lifestyle and policy changes. Hopefully, the changes would provide many more opportunities to develop long term corporate partnerships in the community and nationwide.
Provide comprehensive physical examinations for competitive athletes* that may lead to additional screenings and exams as well as cardiovascular referrals

Provide cardiovascular exams and screenings for competitive athletes in order to detect the most common diseases responsible for sudden cardiac death in young athletes

In the near future, provide Automatic External Defibrillator (AEDs) and training to for school-based settings with competitive student athletes.

* According to AHA, a competitive athlete is defined as "One who participates in an organized team or individual sport that requires systematic training and regular competition against others and places a high premium on athletic excellence and achievement." This definition includes organized and sanctioned sports (interscholastic middle school and high school), college sports (intercollegiate and club sports, but exclusive of intramural competition), and professional sports, which are examined separately.
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